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Hi  guys,

This is a physics based game that you play as the only employee of a restaurant.
48h game jam, the theme was "only one".

It is my first time on a Game  Jam and I developed everything from scratch as a solo dev.
I am an software engineer that love games. I used unreal egine (already had experience with it) and voxelMagika to create a nice ambient.

I really hope you all enjoy, I did my best.  :)

Technical features:
- 3D
-Top down
- Voxel
If I had more time I would:
-Ajust difficulty over time
-Add more unexpected events
-More activities, like cleaning, thief situations, more options to spend the game money.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the MyFood executable.

WASD -> movement
J or space to interact/grab objects.

Alt+F4 -> exit (sorry it was rushed lol)


MyFood.zip 121 MB

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